NATO fizzles off..

NATO is going out with a whimper, pulling many players away from the age of Iraq, Afghanistan. The US economy having received quite the boost from Libya, met the line of acceptability drawn with Syria. The benefits of that special relationship are drifting away for us, as the reckoning begins and we shoulder the burden of responsibility. Not just the reckoning for those wars but the instability created.

Our economy is built around assumptions inherent in NATO’s role in ‘shaping’ the world, neo-liberal ‘foreign policy’.

The erosion of our diplomatic reputation in the course of the last decades is not salved, by the emergence of a multi-billion dollar corporate diplomacy industry, born in the Blair age, recruiting from the House of Commons. That British politicians are culpable under international law, while US politicians remain immune, is unlikely to be a good thing in the next few years.

The surprise ‘Arab Spring’ was not as localised as the Arab region. Like its manifestation in so many other regions, it is indicative of a global population, who can communicate without the intermediary of the media who had previously managed the relationship between people and government.

Similar expectations of governments are emerging, along with understanding of a shared patterns and fault lines. Different global elites are showing differing ability or willingness to meet these expectations and ‘challenges’.  They use similar methods of avoiding meeting those expectations, buying equipment and supplies from similar companies and using predictable strategies. They are duly finding themselves in differing degrees of the same crisis, with each global media focal point analysing the crisis happening elsewhere.

The mindboggling acknowledgement of how little benefit ‘our’ way of doing things brought to countries that aren’t us, unavoidable. It is wise before we find ourselves subject to judgement on those terms. The various uprisings, springs, and occupations signify the political vacuum they indicate is a global one, on a planet that now communicates and exists on a global level in a global market and demands national governments which recognise that. At the heart of the dysfunction many are uprising against, the cancer at the heart of our financial crisis. We have little requirement for a nationally existing intermediary for anything now, but protection from the ravages of a global economy, where power is held and exercised by and on behalf of those with economic interests that are not ours.

The democratic crisis we are in is the same as the one being felt in every region of the world, we are not quite at the heart of the economic crisis. But we are a big domino, and one that others will not be sad to see fall.

Without a credible economic alternative, we face balkanisation, as our geo political significance changes dramatically and the economic crisis, which is a symptom of the same thing, concludes with us looking exposed to take a big hit. With our ‘allies’ ready to sacrifice tipping us into economic decline for their advantage, in a global economy we are used to exploiting and pillaging on the basis we can. We appear to be relishing in the loss of friendships we need, while pursuing a relationship which has changed beyond all recognition and which puts us at risk, while the object of our affection says they don’t want us long term.

We are turning ourselves into a handy target for the anger at the consequences of neo liberalism, while the source moves onto a new economic position, pretensions at the American Dream now comical. Alone, as a teeny weeny cold island in the Atlantic. As the multiple crisis we created and aggravated in the name of this bullshit, come home to roost and many of us ponder moves to Scotland.

The ‘liberal’ dream of global democracy didn’t die, just the message that hid it’s absence, and the exploitation of that absence.