Bankia and beyond.

If Bankia is bailed out, after a Europe wide unequivocal democratic rejection of the neo liberal response to the banking crisis, when it is so clearly foolhardy, it will accelerate discussion about the consequences of this financial crisis everywhere. Party politics shaped media narratives can no longer avoid it. Especially not while on trial.

Our grandchildren will not be taught this period of history, with rocks marked ‘Czechoslovakia’, ‘Poland’, drawn to indicate the avalanche is ready to fall on the head of a man oblivious and reading the paper. It will be Lehman Brothers, Northern Rock, and Bankia, with RBS as the huge boulder that seemed to have been re-secured.

This suicidal bail- out, after the bullshit bail-out/austerity cycle has been shown as nonsense, and has been comprehensively democratically rejected right across Europe; will spark a change in Europe which goes like tinder.