End of the big guns?

After the separation between the UK and Europe’s financial centres was pushed along last summer, Osborne is threatening to veto agreed banking reforms, ensuring the narrative of the UK standing in the way of financial reform grows. There are fears that if he vetoes the reform, this will be seen as a problem of EU credibility in Asia and the US. Lurking behind this, although it doesn’t seem it, is also the future of NATO. A question we cannot avoid addressing this year, which is intertwined with our economic fortunes and which the world will be watching for.

The redefinition of the political spectrum we were beginning to see reflected in mainstream political trends across Europe has stepped up a gear. Mr.Hollande beat the incumbent President Sarkozy in the French Election. David Cameron previously refused to meet Mr.Hollande, saying he believed a Hollande victory ‘would make the Eurocrisis worse’.  This redefinition, the reason Cameron is seeing a demand to swing right. Cameron and Osborne are figureheads for the ‘centrist’ austerity politics that just died, and has nearly taken the patient with it. Angela Merkel lashed to the mast of an undemocratic boat driven by financial interests, already milked for US advantage, with a European population who probably wouldn’t mind leaving her there.

Osborne and Cameron’s particular brand of Toryism aspires to be an Atlantic Bridge. In the manner of a boyfriend letting him down easy, Obama told a needy Cameron loud and clear at election time, don’t neglect your relationship with Europe…

Osborne and Cameron now stand perplexed as they realise arrogance, entitlement and a political media entourage of shit flinging monkeys did not prepare them adequately for their current position. Their particular political brand no good, whether neo liberalism is to be detoxified as it was by Labour after the 1992 election, or we are to look for an economic approach which will carry us beyond its demise. The UK sends a cautionary tale of a manufactured deficit crisis to the world and growth predictions that aren’t downgraded seem an oddity, Cameron and Osborne appear shell shocked by local election decimation. Not to mention the nearly loss of a Mayor of London race that a cockroach could have won if his name wasn’t Ken Livingstone.

Peers in the House of Lords, say Germany must spend more to fill holes left by US spending cuts. According to the yanks, Germany is not pulling its weight defence wise, even though it is an economic powerhouse. This far more likely to be because the changing flow of global capital, mean Europe no longer holds the same appeal for the States, as they redeploy resources to suit the changing global map. They are addressing their future needs, instead of old special relationships. The UK urgently needs to do the same.

Consider what the future actually holds for the bridge between the US and Europe in a global economy where the US is more in need of a bridge to China. Take stock of how closely our fortunes are tied to those across the channel. Ask how intertwined Wall Street and the City of London are, and what the consequences of this combination of circumstances could mean in the next year or so, and have been in the past.

The pretext for intervention in Syria has dissolved and we are yet to see the reckoning from Libya, never mind Afghanistan and Iraq. The American Neo Liberal Dream died. Whimpers not heard yet, but bangs unlikely. No world war 3, it is just over.

No-one aspires to live a cautionary tale and when the veneer cracked there was nothing hiding the scale of the damage done by that shallow message. The world now adapts as it finally faces the multiple and enmeshed crisis that emerged while it was bewitched and bullied. There are no available treatments for the cancer created by the irresponsibility and greed of those who took over US democracy. No possibility of US ascension on to which to hitch a ride. Obama is playing playing Adele’s ‘He won’t go’ repeatedly, trying to sing along between drunken sobs, as he tries to put off calls from David, he knows that when Wall Street dumps on the City of London, the calls might stop.

Manage the message politics, retains only the ability to send a message that pasties are not to be underestimated, and that Mr.Murdoch has a sense of humour when cross. This is entertaining, but it makes newspapers irritating and the BBC news unwatchable and a barrier to planning for the future.

Osborne and Cameron, looking over the wreckage of domestic election results, seem quite bewildered and unprepared for the cold spot on which they now stand. The EU wakes up to the reality of the fight for its survival, and Peter Mandelson, quite sensibly, talks up future European relations.

As one of the women Cameron and Osborne imported batshit neo-conservatism to slut shame, lest anyone noticed it was bank failure that required mine and my daughter’s future be sacrificed for the deficit, I am enjoying the whole fucking show.