Confusion, and countries as geo-political chewtoys.

One of the most disturbing things, from here, about the Syria narrative, has been the hollow fragility of what looked like every other pretext for war I have seen this millennium. I struggled to explain the content s of the news to Rachel, and Newsnight permanently slipped from its place as a serious news show, when it repeatedly aired a ‘witness’ who has been the subject of widespread internet discussion, which included videos of him faking footage for Newsnight. The repetition of Marie Colvins name, as a motif on the case for war presented by the media,economic sanctions having much the same effect as all our sanction, failed to turn what is happening into revolution.

The inability to identify who was bombing who, looking deeply suspicious in the context of our history of promoting instability by stirring up tensions. It has been apparent for quite a while, that whatever IS happening in Syria, they are also being used as a tug toy between world powers, trying to establish the new world order.

This article explores the confusion that exists in Syria, looking at life in Damascus, describing the Syrians there as living in denial. Well worth a read.  ‘I am involved and I don’t want to be. So I believe and don’t believe everything I hear.’