Standing shoulder to shoulder with Louise Mensch

I stand shoulder to shoulder with Louise Mensch. The abuse she received is absolutely typical. We have a twitter fish tank full of piranhas, ready to swarm within the confines of a debate deeply hostile to women and everyone else whose invisibility is demanded by the culture of our political system and press. An extension of the culture of intimidation, lies, smears, and monstering (which in the outside world are harrassment, intimidation and bullying) comes from the heart of our political media establishment. Not for the first time has abuse of the type she has just experienced, highlighted the toxicity of this structure of political debate. The only way to maintain traditional political messages online, is for tribal swarms to be willing to behave in this way. Gaslighting and trolling the only way to transfer traditional political techniques to an arena where there are people whose existence contradicts narrow political narratives.

It is this political environment that has allowed gender inequality to be so ruthlessly exploited, for three decades, and I for one am glad to see people calling it out. Seeing it on twitter has taught us all a great about how the dysfunction in our political system has been maintained for so long. So I assume Louise Mensch will now be going to Murdoch, when she reports back on how her PR secondment to him is going, and asking him to take responsibility for the shape of the political environment he has created.

Now that everyone is clear that type of environment is deeply unhealthy, we can address  it? With Ms.Mensch willing to address it at source we are home dry…

I am sure all those who have found their only role in political debate is to defend their moral fecklessness, and who face the hate speech that is this type of debates natural consequence, away from twitter and it’s source will thank her.