Getting angry at patriarchy…

I really don’t have the energy to be angry at patriarchy on top of everything. I am going to chuckle, patronise it, and tell it to toddle off from now on.

Louise Mensch has just found herself at the end of what happens when the left let their innate tribal misogyny loose. I don’t like her politics much. I do believe I have called her a cunt several times after a particularly noxious bit of her political output.

But the left are a happily functioning misogynist wheel within neo-liberalism, and this kind of swarming abusive behaviour defines the political debate neo-liberalism sells, and continues to define ‘the left.  Who wish to be seen as united, until criticism is made. It isn’t even acceptable behaviour in an adult, never mind a political technique. When you are talking about consequences, you are supposed to differentiate between the individuals who make up this useless part of our political culture, or risk a swarm of identikit anarcho-morons for days.

When they throw that shit at Louise Mensch, it hits all of us and maintains the disgusting environment that has allowed gender inequality to be consistently exploited for 30 years. Which I suppose is precisely the purpose of the left. It has no place anywhere. That it is part of the culture around politics that has translated to the online political culture is a huge problem and has been a revelation. Is it any wonder the quirk of internet life, known as trolling, found its natural home here, it was after all the bubble created to validate the assumptions of the political press. I wish our political bubble had noticed real people, and people with real vulnerabilities were in this chatroom, before they landed.

The left appear to be pre-programmed to deliver the response needed, to justify the Daily Mail position as legitimate enough to be at the core of successive government policies. Every time the government are offensive and ignorant, the left are more offensive and ignorant on command in return, and we are all reminded where we are safest.

Their entire purpose seems to be getting wound up by increasingly absurd right wing newspaper trolls and being offensive visibly, and then project that dysfunction on to everyone to justify the need for them to protect us from it.

Ideologies adopted so the holders can differentiate themselves from each other, within the political wheel that maintains the status quo. With ample outlet for the bit of that hates women.  They provide their own placards and press, retain power of over the institutions that speak for women, and own an echochamber in which to amplify the volume of their nonsense, so it can drown out discussion beyond their understanding.

The sheer offensiveness and misogyny of the left has allowed neo-liberalism to stand unopposed for decades. Labour hid some of them in a cupboard to hand out leaflets at election time rather than ask them to face up to it. The rest of this part of the political spectrum, morphing into a media/politics entry ground where idiots roam unchallenged.

Ensuring the ideas and principles so badly needed right now are discredited by association.

I have decided that from now on, instead of getting angry at the patriarchy in our political system, I am going to pat it on the head, tell it to stop being silly and pipe down, after all, it’s not relevant to anything constructive. And I mean the ACAB/SCAB/ anarcho-kiddies as well as spads and poppets at the heart our dysfunctional elite little political spectrum. The grown ups are talking and we really are in quite a serious situation. We have other things to talk about,

PS The Daily Mail say thanks for the Brickoutrage, clicks went through roof, and every click pays….