Revolving Door..

There is apparently some discomfort about ‘Revolving Door’ recruitment. The same culture that produced the breed of ‘manage the message’ idiots we populate the heart of Westminster with. Revolving door recruitment is key to the power of the organisations hovering up our public sector. People who can adapt to the culture required to manage a changing relationship with Downing Street and Local Authorities. People with a guaranteed indifference barrier substantial enough to be maintain blindness to the consequences.

Here we have Lucy Kellaway talking about the security blankets needed in that culture, apparently unaware of the limited supply available or the problems those particular safety blankets seem to be at the heart of.

An activist investor at Deutsche Bank, is asking shareholders not to vote for an annual meeting resolution approving the supervisory board’s performance assessment in the last year. Changing our understanding of power and how it can be challenged. DWP workers cite fear of being on the other side of the counter and their mortgages, as preventing ideas of leaving the culture this one created to deliver the nasty excesses of its bred and fostered indifference.