Mark Serwotka

‎"People ask how can a coalition government of millionaires be still winning in the opinion polls despite its cuts and deeply hostile attitude to public services? In my view it is because of the failure of leaders in the Labour party and the trade unions to make a credible stand. Unions now have to make a decision of enormous significance: accept the government's proposals on pension age, contributions and the value of pensions, or demand real negotiations on the real issues." Mark Serwotka, PCS

Never a truer word said.

This is lovely.. David Wearing. Naiive but lovely. The problem isn’t  that it is dawning on our ‘political class(incl the ‘new left…) that Labour are making the ‘wrong’ decision on finance. What is dawning on the rest of us, are the implications of Labour having no choice in the matter. 

The economic approach that Labour are required to take, goes to the heart of the ALL Labour’s social and economic policy. The ‘centrist’ position. The Charles Moore article is not him coming over to the left, it’s dawning on everyone that the consequences of this are far bigger than ‘left/right’. Moore’s last line about not allowing this to rest on the stupidity of ‘the left’, the most important line in that article. ‘ The point David raises about the identity of the City of London, US banks and the ‘big bang’, crucial to understand in context of what just happened in Europe.


This was a piece in the FT. I am not posting it out of agreement with the argument running through it, more that one line caught my eye.

”..the Carolingians had risen under their predecessors, the Merovingians, essentially by doing the dirty work for them, with no grander title than that of major domo or “mayor of the palace”. The Merovingian kings were garbed in the trappings of monarchy, but it was the Carolingians who shrewdly grasped the levers of power, as the mighty Bishop of Rome had to recognise.The insight that it is not formal titles and institutions that confer power, but power that commands institutional recognition, transcends time and frontiers……
its dusty corridors paced, like Merovingian monarchs…
...puzzled at how quiet the old palace has become.

A year ago, it was harder to differentiate between those with the garb and baubles of power, and the hands clutching its levers. That was a year ago, things look quite different now…