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100000 more children plunged into poverty today according to the distributional analysis of today’s Osborne bullshit. Deeper into poverty. Saying that, how far can you go before you hit saturation point. Here is some stuff about how mothers absorb poverty to prevent it getting to their children. Is common. Has always been the way. This is while childcare costs go through roof, so even if those elusive jobs can be found, they can’t be done and even if they could, they don’t offer hope of lifting family out of poverty…. 

If am truly honest, I barely looked at the analysis. Barely read statement. What the fuck more can they do? I think mothers got the message after the mumsnet election. And if they didn’t, the so called ‘fight’ against the cuts apparently fought by Labour and the left delivered it loud and clear. Those kids will stay buried on page 7of that report, and their mothers will be silent and marginalised. If not, those fighting ‘for’ them will bare their teeth.

Shall I include some stuff about the general effectiveness of doing this to a generation of women and children? Nah. I think the state of the economy speaks for itself.

Micheal Gove frames strikes as militant left

Quelle surprise. Wouldn’t be quite so worrying if there wasn’t a section of the so called left also trying to frame them as militant actions they are enforcing. None of Union bosess mentioned have done so, for good reason. a) that dogma had it’s day b) they don’t want to undermine action of a couple of million people, pretty much guaranteed to not all be part of the hard left.  The strike actions this winter cannot be undermined by this bollocks.

Goldsmiths Occupation in London asking people to report ‘scab’ lecturers


If your lecturer is scabbing on , also let us know.

Again. We have a group of very privileged young men and women, using a word that for many of the working class they fetishise, is synonymous with fear, beatings, intimidation, and bullying. A word those old enough to remember hoped was long forgotten and one that ensured the relics of the left’ these people are so proud of, were something for others to fear for a long time. They have asked that people report ‘scab’ lecturers. Report them for what? Disagreeing with their students? Exercising free will? I don’t remember rounding up students who didn’t protest enough and asking they be reported. And what will be the consequences for those lecturers? A bit of what I have had in the last week or so? It’s the same social network. And who gave this occupation authority to do that? Which union employed an occupation as their enforcement team? None,  this is a word that died out long before it became the latest fashion accessory word for our hip activist set. There appear to be delusions of stasi like powers here.

Perhaps these young men and women could resurrect words that meant that Goldsmiths students and their children were beaten and ostracised and glorify those instead. Maybe we should glorify the violence committed against students in the past year? No? Oh wait, they had unquestioning solidarity from decent people who recognised a common cause, and who knew what had happened was wrong. Apparently this solidarity confused our young friends, they now feel they are an authority to which dissent should be reported. Using a word that for many not much older than them, brings back real memories of nothing but fear. Not scabs, but the wives, children, neighbours who were targetted as a means by which workers who were mainly forced by poverty to break strike could be hurt. People whose memories did not begin in the late eighties and early nineties. 

This strike sends a message because 3 million ordinary people will be withholding their labour by choice, in protest. Sacificing the pay that feeds families these students are unlikely to understand the responsibility of. Not because a self aggrandising student occupation accountable to noone and appointed by noone ‘enforced’ it, and not because the whole country stands behind a group of students wanting disgusting words to add authenticity to their hollow rhetoric. The opposition of those people to what is happening to THEM, does not indicate an allegiance to authoritarian archaic left dogma or obedience to the whims of spoilt brats. It does not indicate they deserve to be subject to abuse for falling oustde it. Let’s hope the Daily Mail don’t get hold of prominent and media friendly students tying up a very real struggle with their playacting version of the days of the 70s and 80s. They would be coming in their pants. They are unlikely to care that  these students speak for noone. That timeline is a fucking gift to Micheal Gove, who is desperate to portray these strikes as militant. These lot don’t need infiltrators and agitators, their narcissism, naivety andarrogance will allow them to undermine and divide a movement rather than let it fall outside their grasp. The message to the women they have helped marginalise all year with their hundred year old debate, is now ‘I’d rather fuck a tory than a scab’. At least the tories waited till after a semi-democratic election before they let their misogyny and elitism rip.

Childcare costs mean parents giving up work

This piece in the Telegraph again confirms that parents liable for childcare are being pushed out of work by spiralling childcare costs and welfare cuts. When you have a partner working, it is bad enough to lose your financial independence by being pushed out of work. And that is what has been happening to mothers all year. To those without a partner, it pushes you into being a trapped target for the Tories and Labour, and into deep poverty with no way out. Left to justify your relationship choices and moral deficiency. Relationship choices not much to do with the cost of childcare.