Benefits of being off twitter

I feel aggrieved that that network was taken away but to be honest, being out of the milieiu of twitter is no bad thing. I dont know how we will explain in fiture that policy making, politicians and journalists moved into a chatroom while the most abusive policy in generations was unleashed, and after seven years they were literally watching themselves waste away in ever decreasing circles. It really is like the curtain fell down in the Woizard of Oz but he just carried on./ It is no bad thing to have had the demonstration I have had over the last seven years, of how these people respond to a social dimension being added to political communication. I realised that this was a huge gift, that I had been allowed to witness that and they had demonstrated what had always been there. Those people could directly beg their representatives on twitter and they would not even be acknowledged as human.


The counterrpoint to what is offline. Not everyone is doing badly, but the people who are have been subjected to this relentlessly now for seven years.  I dont know how to explain  how tired people are, how exhausted, how eroded they are as they face another winter or how it feels to know the people doing tis to them are sat in a chatroom like its business as usual. I think this is how identifies form. I think the feeling of ice in veins as you contemplate the harm being done and who it is being done to is identity forming. I think it probably payus to be careful and to keep an eye on reality when that ice is forming, but

am not sure pretendig it isnt there is worth it. It may have a purpose.





How are you keeping warm today? My heating has now been on for about a week and its takiung every penny I have. My friend has a pike of wood, broken pallettes, people usually collect them for kindling. I used to use it as kindling and to supplement coal, someone asked him for this wood. When they were walking away he heard them discussing that they dont actually have a wood stove or coal fire, but are going to use a metal bin. Youtube videos showing how to use a tealight and a clay flowerpot to take the chill off a room are very popular and the queue at the till in One Stop shows women anxiously putting another 4quid, 5quid, to get another day out of the heating. There is no heat or eat in this weather. You dont eat you will be cold, you dont heat you’ll die. Not much comfort for those in fixed incomes set way below where they can do both and make sure children do too. The limits of human capacity are the problem of these people, not the policy maklers who use political science and economics to tell them there are no limits. They can quite easily justify feeling this was done directly to them and yet noone doing this would even acknowledge that was being done to them.

Labour are still in a spin trying to control a chatroom, apparently the lamestream media is not giving Corbyn due deference, in opther news they finally paid lip servce to the crisis in child protection they abused women to stop them discussing. A woman called Sophie Warrener is currently facing the wrath of the Labour left as they demonstrate how they prevented us discussing austerity and is presumably opening an email account of men calling her a Tory whore, as they abuse her to sell welfare reform without the first fucking clue that is what they are doing. Toriers are in chaos and the country is spinning out with all political forces trying to prevent us discussing a crisis which is becoming undeniable. The culture at the heart of this are transfixed by their own reflection on twitter and the labour left must be running out of reasons to abuse women soon. Surely? Or will it take a death?








Owen and Sophie

So labour twitter is doing what it does best.

After using social media to encourage abuse of welfare claimants, social care users and any woman discussing the way austerity jeapordised the systems which allow women and children protection from abuse, it never really stopped. Owen Jones is today out leading the charge because a woman suggested that she was friends with a Tory. The misogynist boy Labour used to prevent discussion of political consensus on welfare, local authority decimation is encouraging people to abuse someone who said she was friends with a Tory. I have friends who are Tories, I have friends who are Labour, I would NEVER be friends with someone who would make a million quid out of preventing discussion opolitical consensus on the biggest social policy crisis since 1945 by abusing people on twitter.

When thugs tell us they are the voice of the people, and demand the right to abuse at will because their identity makes them good, I know to treat those people as dysfunctional and dangerous.


I would never be friends with someone who was part of a movement reliant on abuse of welfare climants, who tried to introduce abuse, intimidation and anti-semitism to political processes. Iw ould never be friends with someone who suggested their abusive chatroom should replace the rights we all have. I would never be friends with someone who solicited abuse of women, especially not someone who solicits abuse of women as frequently as Owen does.

The Labour left are doing something very very important. They are demonstrating what happens when a neo liberal party has to function in a dimension where there is social interaction. They are demonstrating the abuse that has to happen when they cant just abuse using media narratives.


I for one am very very glad that Owen Jones exists. Had the Labour left NOT done what they just did, we would never know they are the reason the  neo liberal consensus was not challenged for thirty years. Had this tiny culture of posh boys not moved to twitter to prevent Looked After Children, benefit recipients, and social care users discussing austerity and the political consensus on those institutions, we would be none the wiser. Noone would be friends with somneone who did what Owen Jones does. He is going to have to justify it for the next thirty years. No reasonable human being. But thanks to Owen we have a seven year written record of how a culture of posh boys prevented opposition to austerity by identifying as the voice of the people disenfranchised by media democracy. By demonstrating narcissistic rage every time someone shows him up he is guaranteeing that never again will a bunch of posh thugs be allowed to do what the Labour left just did. I can be friends with all political persuasions, but I cant be friends with someone on the Labour left. I am grateful they were so stupid they used the internet this way and am sorry Sophie is caugfht in their abuse today.

Thanks to Owen Jones, the generations of the working class who have to recover from what austerity just did have a written, chronological record, of how the labour left always worked to make sure Thatcher, Blair, Major, Cameron, and now May never had an opposiution. We now know why our trade unions didnt represent us. Poor Sophie is getting the brunt today, but what they have demonstrated can’t be undone. We now know there are posh boys in Oxford who truly believ they can identify as our representation, will write new histories for us, and then abuse people who remind them this is false and these boys will have the power of political parties, newspaper coliumns and abusive peers to try and impose that..

Generations of us will be grateful. As for Sophie? Sophie, let him abuse you, let him demonstrate what he is. Which is a nasty wee narcissist who just prevented challenge to austerity by directly abusing women, social care users, and now you.

Max Clifford

Symbol of an age where grotesque white men sold abuse and degradation of women, lies, and emerged as a mafioso controlling our media. While waging war on mothers, those who protect children, this world orbited a culture of misogyny, racism and abuse which toxified our entire political economy, and is at the centre of the crisis the country faces now. He died cleaning his prison cell. Good.

Guardian going tabloid

After years of existing entirely to power and orbite the tabloids and daily mail, spawning of a media culture entirely for this, the trust fund is running out. They are ‘going tablpoid’ in New Year. Who knew the massively expensive, cant be sharedm Berliner presses were a massive waste of money. THis distortion in our democracy is taking forever to die, they have killed journalism, replaced with political comment and the endless narcissism of our erstwhile left, and now they are going tabloid. I wish they;’d hurry up and end.


The reflex to blame welfare claimants, the EU and immigrants has driven everything for thirty years. We have allowed thios to dominate our academic disciplines, all political structures, its all policy makers know. Often they hve huge intellectual edifices justifying it. It just ran out of rope. Everything held up by this is going. Quickly. While this is still the only reflex they  have in their armoury. The only thing they know how to do is blame groups so the papers agree. The papers are done and so is that way of doing things. We find out now what that process looks like.

1st stage of a deal on Brexit

So am writing this post for the benefiot of my future self. By the time this point came I had literally stopped watching the news and was instead looking at the things that keep Britain stable, the rule of law, our institutions, political stability, social cohesion. That makes it sounds like a study, it’s not, it’s trying to figure how this plays out. But May appears to have accidentally stabilised things, a deal has been struck which has reassured many people whose opinion I trust, which allows room for manouver. I havent seen it, or read it, this comment has to be read with that in mind but it could be very easy to mistake the deal which stabilises and contains us as a door to a deal which benefits us. Most of this first stage was about that and we have shown ourselves to be deeply unstable. At present I assess all political forces on whether they maintain stability or try to generat instability and thios appears to be circumstances creating a new plateau rather than design.

A comment from Lisa Johal

Lisa, if that is her name, came to my blog because her identity was injured. Her identity as a Corbynite. Which is basically astroturf for Labour, to suppress discussion of welfare cuts. Please note the passive aggression, gaslighting and the way this hinges on the false identity Corbynism has given her. She thinks it is normal behaviour to do this, she thinks it has academic justification. THis is what welfare claimants faced but Lisa’s peers are also willing to back this up with actual physicaly abuse and intimidation. This is why there was no opposition to austerity. Its astonishing to read and the appointment of herself as arbiter of whether my reflections on a personal blog, as I process this, are amazing,. This is because a woman she doesn’t know, one of the people Corbynism roplled over, has a blog to contain personal reflections. We are not even allowed to process what is happenibng to use.

We can lose our kids, starve, freeze, and Lisa’s only goal will be to stop people even speaking about it and to attack their ability to even use written reflection. She has to tell herself this is debate, she cant acknowlede that she is just looking to abuse people who will not respect a fals identity she formed so she can be part of the astroturf Labour used to whitewash welfare reform,. THey dont udnerstand why we think they are scum and will use a range of responses from teh gaslighting and patronising tone here to putting bricks through windows and sending coffins to people.  We are living in scary times and fascism changes its form each generation. Its not just that they want to roll the Labour machine over any discussion of austerity, its that they seek out the people they do this to try and prevent them even thinking about it or speaking about it publicly. They cant even allow us the ability to reflect on our lives because it injures them to ear our reality and how they impact it. I dont know how it ends. Lisa probably wouldnt hurt someone, her peers woudl and its very likely she would let them.


Ok, so if I try to disentangle your points, you are saying:
  • Rights that have benefited all citizens — e.g benefits, duties to children, social care, health care and so on are enshrined in law, through legislation and policy
  • The political consensus since circa 1983 has led to the overturning of those rights, and that the media have facilitated this by avoiding presenting austerity as an attack on our legal rights
  • Labour pretended to be anti-autsterity but weren’t really because an anti-cuts movement isn’t an anti austerity movement
  • Members of the left have avoided a discussion of rights and their corrosion through policy (including Labour policy) and instead focused on a movement that centres on identity
If I have interpreted your response correctly, then these are fairly uncontroversial points about which most of those interested in progressive social justice would agree. There has been plenty of discussion from the (academic, if not media inflected) left about the ways that neoliberal policy operates to corrode progressive rights. It is pretty clear that there has been a political consensus for 30 years that has, as you put it, ‘formed a seal around neoliberalism’, but I fail to see how Jeremy Corbyn is anything but a result of the consensus rather than the cause of it. In that, the reason he has been popular to the extent that he has been is because he, like Trump, is visibly not part of the political establishment that has maintained consensus and, therefore, he appeals to those who are affected by the corrosion of their rights (even if falling for his appeal is misguided). There aren’t that many options in the current binary democratic system we operate within to break the consensus — the system maintains itself.
You seem very angry in all kinds of directions, which is great in that anger is necessary at these times. But I can’t help feel that it is misguided, if not wilfully misreading their work, to suggest that Owen Jones and Zoe Williams (et al.) of all people haven’t actually been drawing attention to the corrosion of rights rather than whitewashing it. There is a whole chapter in ‘Chavs’ for example that looks at how Karen Matthews was a scapegoat for policy that attacked the rights of working class people. All that the stranglehold of neoliberalism demonstrates is that even mainstream attacks on the system can’t break the system. Which isn’t to say Owen Jones isn’t annoying and virtue signalling and a product of a capitalist media that likes to create ‘stars’ and elevate there voice beyond the point at which it usefully adds to the discussion.
Your argument also presents the rights we have won in terms of equality as ‘enshrined’ in law, as if they absolute and ever were, when the fact is that most, if not all, of these rights down to are fairly recent (Post War if not, in some cases Post-Millenium) acts, amendments and policies that demonstrate the law around equality legislation is a shifting, ever-changing entity which emerges from the discussions and debates that happen in the media and elsewhere, as well as being subject to it. Law is a product of the culture it doesn’t and never has shaped the culture. When laws don’t fit will the political will of the government, they are changed.
I am starting to get that this is maybe just a forum for you to spew anger about your circumstances under the system rather than an attempt to engage a proper discussion, reflect coherently or shed light on your perspective in a way others can understand. I’ll leave you to it

Purpose of this blog

I know people read it, I do know that but that’s not the purpose. The purose of the blog primarily is as a reflective tool. Because of twitter, it also brought me into contact with our mediating class and placed me as a site of tension between them and reality. So it reflects that because they have been the way they have been during this period.

I represent an evolution in citizneship that is very reason. Changed family structures were reflected in the way my mother was treated as a single parent, and by the time i was an adult taht was no longer supported by our institutional context, Equality legislationn, duties to children, an understanding of the impact of creating maternal poverty, all those things were reflected in the rule of law. The reason the left hated me and I ended up on this intersection was that twitter happened. At a point in time where this culture would be working to undermine the rule of law I cant help but understand, this culture were abusively trying to present an image as my representative. It mattered that the culture of th Labour left have remained static since 1983 because all the things I am discussing happened since 1983.

I am saying nothing more complicated than I am a Britiosh women, subject to equality legislationm, with duties to a child that re recognised, and as a child of the state quite literally have a right not to be abused with the policy that is the inevitable consequnec of state intervention in my life as a young person. That I am not allowed t o say that around the GUardian and the left because it inuures them to hear it, it injures them to hear that I am already a citizen is because they think that the term working class means I dont have that. And the only conversation they can have is one where they demand I pretend this is not the case so they can exploit austerity. This is evidence of a mediating class and how its emergence undermines the rule of law. The question now is whether the rule of law I represent was real and that will decide our cpuntries future and the scale of future instability.

Coffin sent to a female MP

The same activists who will abuse welfare claimants, social care users, and anyone else who discusses the consensus they are part of maintaining, have sent a coffin to the office of a female MP. This is barely a blink of an eye since Jo Cox. Sarah Wollaston is to the left of most Labour MPs, she is MP for Totnes which is basically Hebden Bridge down south. She is a doctor, a GP, has spent her life working with and speaking up for the NHS and  stood up to her government when Labour refused on austerity. This is what happens when you construct an identity for yourself as good. You can send death threats to a female MP who has done more than you ever will and feel you are good. She is a Tory and even though Labour shared all those policies and the Labour left worked to hide it, she is evil. She isnt the one who sent a bunch of Oxbridge brats to subordinate any challenge to austerity, and abuse them personally, that is the left.

A coffin is not a ‘stunt’. Its a death threat. These people are dangerous.

In other news Momentum have been investigated for election spending, and the people who will support a coffin being sent to a female MP so soon after another was murdered are outraged they are being asked to consider their intervention in democracy. They thoughht  you just abused people online, and sent coffins as deat threats and because if you identified as good, noone was ever allowed to question it. THis is so bad.