Record thred to Andrew Kaveney: Putting UK violent abusive males using trans rights on notice.


Twitter accounts suspended

Because trans rights activists have decided they do not want legal protections and rights and would prefer to demonstrate they are dangerous and have issues  with women my twitter accounts have been suspended. Andrew Kaveney and his little whackadoodles don’t really know how to process a world where women speak, its why they can’t have access to spaces of safety from male violence. Quite frankly it’s bizarre behaviour to win rights which open a debate about safeguarding and then use the debate you raised to demonstrate how unsafe you are but we are dealing with serious disorder here. Oh well.

I am obviously devastated that my twitter accounts are suspended…lol Devastated.

Poor Andrew, couldn’t cope with a world where women existed independently from him so identified as a woman so women wouldn’t be allowed to exist independently from him. Spends his life grooming young students so they’ll believe violent abusive misogyny is feminism and if he just abuses enough women they won’t be allowed to meet, talk and lesbians will fuck him…yeah that’s definitely womanhood Andrew. Like the violent porn you want feminists to support your right to watch is feminist…Yeah sure women will pretend they see themselves reflected in that if you just bully them enough…oh wait…nope. This doesn’t seem to me to be a penis that wants to stay hidden, this is more like a narcissist with difficulty processing shame trying to bring attention to the thing he’s ashamed of and so he should be.

Abusive males like this don’t really know what to do when faced with grown women with a spine. We are not easy to impress, confuse or bully and we just don’t seem to go away…makes him so cross…Abusive men are so destructive but luckily so predictable.

I can’t believe how fortunate we are to have this demonstration of male pattern abusive behaviour at this time. Generations of women will be thanking Andrew for his inability to keep his abusive behaviour in check. I am certainly grateful.

I wonder what made him pick the name Roz? Did he think it would be so powerful women would unlearn the ability to spot a dangerous abusive male narcissist…lol

Am not sure I’ll be back to twitter, I haven’t decided. It’s kind useful to have trans rights activism in an observable fishbowl, but organisation is not a good idea using twitter. It’s why we don’t rely on it. I’m considering a youtube channel…I’m quite good at the old talking…at least noone can see your spelling mistakes…

Gender identity

I would urge you to watch that We Need to Talk, Inconvenient Woman meeting and listen to Sheila Jeffries discuss how gender identity has taken hold.

Gender is a system that subordinates women. To enshrine it as an identity is to attempt to enshrine something women emancipated themselves from violence to free themselves from. The last gasp. It is not compatiable with any other legal framework in our safeguarding and equality frameworks and suggests someone has internalised a system of oppression. To respect someone’s gender identity is to respect someone whose entire identity is about fucking me over. Over. My. Dead. Body.

What Sheila describes is a top down imposition of a harmful ideology which undermines the systems which I describe which grew from the ground up. The systems I describe are more secure because of what they reflect in society and the way they grew, when this ideology meets those systems it fizzles away. This is the intersection that has been followed on this blog since I met the left in 2010. This is the intersection I saw at the LSE and this is the intersection around which the crisis in a mediating class will play out as our political economy reaches the crisis that says it is done. The systems I describe are our hope of stabiliuty afterwards and however big this crisis, however many facets it develops, it ends with those systems consolidated. The question is how big that crisis is and what it looks like. But this is the heart of this intersection and women are at the core of it and the worldwide sit the fuck down, women are preparing for.

Terms I will not use

Trans woman. This linguistic trick is at the root of this. Men who identify as women, trans identified males, men.

Gender critical feminist: Gender critical is superfluous here. Gender is a system of subordination of women. All feminists are gender critical and any women with half a brain should be even if she doesnt call it that.

Radfem: NOTHING radical about laws that have existed for decade being applied, nothing radical about women objecting to male violence. This is the centre position.

Cis: Are you kidding me?

THis nonsense needs to be nipped in the bud.

Squashing Trans Rights Activism

Trans rights activism is male pattern abuse. It may be sponsored by elite academia and elite institutions but I don’t really care. It will be squashed. We will squash it here, we will provide the tipping point for Canada and eventually the US will catch up and US will follow suit. We will be clarifying the importance of sex based protections, shoring up our rights and making sure elite institutions are FULLY aware of the systems we developed which are going nowhere which deal with male violence. Transphobia has no currency as an accusation because it’s perfectly rational to fear disordered males who fixate on women and threaten and enact violence. You cant define trans, you can’t define terf, and you can’t be phobic against something that cannot be defined. The one thing that is abundantly clear is that trans women are not women. Trans rights activists are on notice.

Trans people wishing to protect their rights need to act and soon, because these people are flushing them away. There was NEVER a single solitary chance of British women taking this shit. Laurie Penny and her mate Stavvers might be stupid enough but they are nasty and very stupid misogynist princesses and never saw a problem that couldn’t be solved by abusing women.

Trans rights activists are on notice. I am grateful for the demonstration of the difference between the sexes, I am grateful they triggered a conversation about equality, safeguarding and protective systems which women had no power to raise, and that is what we will be concentrating on after eight years of austerity. But Trans rights activism was, and I mean WAS, nothing more than a demonstration of institutionalised male pattern abusive behaviour. And a pissy attempt at that.

A parasitic dynamic is done when the ho st says they are aware and the parasite behaves abusively. Trans rights in the UK are jeapordised by Liam Madagain, Roz Kaveney, Tanis Wood, Paris Lees, Shaun Faye and their culture. If you didn’t want trans rights flushing you shouldn’t have used them to demonstrate male pattern abusive behaviour. If you wish to access the resources women built to keep them safe from male violence you will be required to get consent and permission from women. Sex is a protected characteristic, Trans women are males and in the case of these males abusive males, some with a history of serious violence, all with issues with women’s boundaries, consent. Self id has been the norm and these people flushed it away. I would be concerned but my focus is women and these are not women. Clearly. Wow.

The backlash against trans rights activists will take out my entire Arya Stark Austerity list and the media and politics organisations who sponsored terrorism against working class women to protect their inability to see the context which changed around them, shouldn’t have done that.

This is a period where women’s and children’s rights will be consolidated and British women will make sure they are, and that will mean women in other countries do the same.

Women know how to spot and deal with abusive behaviour and need no permission to identify and tackle it. If I was a trans person concerned about my rights right now I would start building bridges and showing you are safe. Because the question is no longer whether trans women are women, because of the likes of Paris Lees, Roz Kaveney, Tanis Wood, Liam Madagain, and the rest the question is whether men who identify as women are more dangerous than men who do not and that question will require data. In the meantime trans rights are the newest, most fragile addition to our equality and safeguarding frameworks and if there is tension between them and the rest of these frameworks that alignment will force trans rights to accomodate and NOT the other way round.

In six months I will retweet this post to say I told you so. I warned you. We tried to warn you. Oh fucking well. Time to see what British women are made of. This ain’t shit, in the twentieth century women emancipated themselves from abuse and violence and male subordination this is nothing more than an opportunity to show how we did it.

Trans women are males who wish to live as women. This does not obligate women to trans women, mean we see anything of ourselves reflected in these males and if trans women want acceptance by women it cannot be obtained by force. Which everyone except abusive males already knew. But the names mentioned here are all abusive males some with a history of very serious violence which should automatically exclude them from all spaces of safety from male violence.

Gender is a system subordinating women. We can see from the activists who have internalised gender as their identity that this is the case. If you gender identity is about violence against women I am under no obligation to respect it and you need to see a professional. Sex is a protected characteristic and isn’t mutable. You have a prostate and you behave abusively, I care not how you identify.

Germaine Greer

Germaine Greer has spent her life not giving a flying fuck. I admire this. You can’t admire someone for not giving a rats ass about what people think and get pissy every time she says something you don’t agree with. She doesn’t fucking care and for that I love her. I treat Germaine Greer as a barometer for misogynists who hate older women. It’s reliable. I will love Germaine Greer till I die and the wronger she is the more I will love her.

I plan on not giving a fuck till I die and I hope she continues to do the same.

Post for @towntattle

You posted to request harassment and doxxing of @swearygodmother for her peaceful protest against the co-option of a woman’s spot by Munroe Bergdorf at BFI festival. You are an abusive male who when faced with resistance from a woman immediately resorted to male pattern abusive behaviour. In the UK sex is a protected characteristic and your activism to access spaces of safety from male violence should be directed at th ewomen who will be required to give you permission. Women in the UK are obliged to identify male pattern abusive behaviour which is your reflex, and you can change gender but not sex. Male pattern abusive behaviour indicates you have not changed gender.

You appear to misunderstand the situation @towntattle. Your anger at women is disorder, your belief you are in a competition with women is a disorder, and your threats and abusive behaviour clarify that you are a risk to women. The question in the UK, in case you missed it is NOT are trans women women, but how much more dangerous than the general male population to women are men who identify as women. Gender recognition certificates sit in a wider legal and institutional context.

You reported my tweet because when you threatened and abused a woman and were clear that women make you angry by existing because of the competition in your head, women stood up to you and you needed to erase that reminder. Which is why you report tweets. One of the benefits of a digital environment is males like you demonstrate the risk you would pose in a real environment. So I thank you for your clarity and your contribution to the debate about where trans rights sit in the wider context of safeguarding and equality legislation. Although to be fair we all knew by now the risk men like you pose.

This is not Canada. Women have a legal responsibility to identify male pattern abusive behaviour and disregard identity in that matter if it is demonstrated. You are a man. A man whose disorder makes him identify as a woman and then who gets angry at women for reminding you that identity is false.  Women have to consider the risk you pose before deciding if you should be allowed to access spaces of safety from male violence. QED. You want access to female spaces you need to be nicer to women, and your violent tendencies and irrational and disordered thoughts about women make you a risk women need to manage and exclude you from feminism. Which is about dealing wit the risk men like you pose.

A 12 hour twitter break will do me good. I may do the dishes.

A brief note of congratulations on your key note speech Munroe Bergdorf..

Hi Munroe, I wanted to write you a note directly, to congratulate you on your ‘key note’ speech with the British Film Institute. I hear you feel bullied. You are not being bullied, this is what is happening.

I don’t know if you remember Rachel Dolezal, a white women, she is a bit of a sad case. She couldn’t process her unhappiness and I think seeing the very concrete marginalisation black americans face she co-opted black identity, which in itself may not be harmful, but she took spaces that were for underrepresented people. She spoke for them when she had no right or insight into that marginalisation, but ultimately she is quite a sad figure of fun.

I tell you what she didn’t do. She didn’t get all dressed up and say black people have been doing civil rights wrong. She didn’t say she was affronted by every right black people had won and demand liquidation of all those rights, because they offended her as a trans racial person and made her feel less black. She didn’t tell black people not to discuss their lives and that intersectionality was now them refusing to speak about violence and poverty and oppression, because she was now black and it made her feel excluded she was lucky enough to avoid those things. She didn’t tell black people their identity now had to be subordinated to hers and declare that all the white women who considered themselves black were the most marginalised black women that had ever been, and demand that they silence themselves as she took their spot. This is what you did. And then some.

You hairy barren dyke, you felt free to say, you told women they had been doing feminism wrong and appropriated the work of a black female legal scholar, work that was entirely evolved from legal practice and systems that evolved around male violence. You then went onto demonstrate what Crenshaw was saying when you told women they had, in spite of developing these systems, been doing feminism wrong because you identified as them they were obliged to you to forget poverty, violence, abuse and lifelong marginalisation and  silencing to manage your identity. As a privately educated, hyper privileged MALE model, whose contribution to womanhood so far has been an astronomical plastic surgery bill and fetishisation of the sexual subordination of women.


You havent been bullied, women have said they do not see themselves reflected in you, they have not experienced the unimaginable privilege that shapes your narcissism and you have no relevance to the conversation they need to have about their lives. They can’t see themselves in you because they share nothing with you. You experience privilege most men will never experience, make your live demeaning women by presenting a cartoon hyper sexualised porn fantasy of us, a fantasy you have paid through the nose to purchase at the hand of a surgeon. For women, their identity mattering is a novel concept, the idea they should manage yours is offensive in the extreme.

Your performance of feminity, which you believe is only valid if women do not discuss inequality they live and the root of it, if they deny their own identity and subordinate to you is not womanhood its masculinity. Its a need to subordinate women. Women do not recognise it as valid and have never experienced your privilege, which is why its so offensive for you to steal from underrepresented women and speak for them when you only speak about yourself, your own identity, your own needs and when you lie repeatedly.Recently saying you had the life expectancy of a rough sleeper when you are one of the most privileged people on the planet.

Women saying they cannot see themselves reflected in your narcissism is not bullying, women did not cease to have an identity because you imagined they should when you identified as a woman. Women’s lives and oppression didn’t change because you told them it was offensive for you to discuss it and when you say that the bodies they have which are the foundation of human life on this planet, and which provide the labour which produces the human race are irrelevant cos a vagina is just a body part,  the features you purchase to emulate it  authentic, their lives don’t change. You say your bullying is akin to that of Shaun Faye. Yes. It is. Shaun Faye, an ex city laywer, in love with a feminised version of himself, creating an aesthetic of a trafficked working class girl like its a look he picked in a magazine and not a reference to the thousands and thousands of girls in this country whose childhoods were stolen by industrialised trafficking. Shaun Faye who stalks mothers and wants them to no longer have even a website where they can speak freely. Yes, women’s rejection of you is very much like rejection of hyper privileged disturbed misogynist Shaun Faye. Women saying they cannot see themselvces reflected in a narcissist is often injuring to the narcissist, its the foundation of many abusive relationships.

You have no film making experience, you didn’t even direct or produce that godawful documentary. By the way the women in the bakers in the town where I live thought it was a hilarious way to view womanhood and didn’t know you were serious.

You cry about trans exclusionary radical feminism, what precisely is it women are excluding you from when they dont centre you in thoughts about lives shaped by inequality you don’t experience? Your demand we pretend you are a woman like us comes with demand we pretend sex offenders are women and give them unimpeded access to spaces of safety from predatory behaviour for our children. You don’t just demand the end of sex based protections, and say you can only feel valid if you have them all even though you are male, you demand basic safeguarding be liquidated so you can feel pretty when the extensive surgery you have purchased doesn’t fill the void that is your identity.

You identifying as a woman didn’t make women obligated to you. It didn’t give you the right to speak for women, and you only ever speak about and for yourself. Outside appropriating marginalisation like a badge to add authenticity, and to justify your homophobia and disturbing misogyny, you appear to be saying that you can only exist if women will pretend they see themselves in you, subordinate to you entirely, sacrifice a hundred years of rights and give sex offenders unimpeded access to their children. Dude, if you can only feel pretty with all that, its not womanhood you are expressing, its abusive manhood and we outlawed that shit in the twentieth century.

Women are not obliged to you, your theft of women’s platforms, your demand that women do not even discuss the poverty, violence and abuse linked to their sex because it excludes you, your demand that safeguarding and sex based protections be liquidated, so you can feel pretty are disturbing.

The caricature of a man’s sexual fantasy you are trying to achieve is nothing I recognise as womanhood and nor am I expected to.

You may have noticed a backlash has grown, its been coming for a while. The sight of the most privileged men in the country, and prisons full of sex offenders, demanding the end of sex based protections and safeguarding, while demanding tht we do not discuss the serious health risks of hormones and surgery and telling children their bodies may be wrong and should be altered to fit a nebulous gender identity, are the demands of a narcissist. You need to be more intersectional Munroe, go read Crenshaw, in recent decades women learned how to stand up to that, how to support each other in doing so, and you are experiencing intersectional feminism for the first time. Women standing up to a narcissist abusing them and stealing from them and saying they do not see themselves reflected in you, and are not obligated to you in anyway. I can’t kick you out of feminism, you have no right or entitlement to even be considered by me. You have no right to steal from women and as one of the most privileged males on the planet you have no right to fashion yourself as one of the most marginalised women on the planet while demanding that actual marginalised women don’t discuss it because it reminds you your identity is false.

It is disgusting that this is how you have made your name, I understand modelling is not quite as easy as all that unless you have a USP, you cant wear marginalisation like a costume, and then expect people suffering to say that’s fine. Women saying no to you is not oppression and women saying they recognise NOTHING of you in themselves is their right. I don’t? What makes a woman is not the purchase of female features, demands women subordinate themselves to you and theft of resources designed for women who are underrepresented in a very real way. Stop behaving like an abusive narcissist and you might get solidarity from women, but we are not obligated to you Munroe, we never were. That was a delusion in your head. Like your penis being female is a delusion.

Your in a form of sexual fantasy with the mirror, women saying they have nothig to do with the image you create for yourself is not oppression. Women having the right to define themselves, think about their lives and discuss them is not oppressing you women pointing out your demands are the ridiculous posturing of a narcissist is intersectionality. You need to get a more intersectional approach to feminism but it might mean tearing yourself away from the mirror. This is what you did to trans people. Not us.

This is the nucleus of a women’s movement forming because of males like you and your abuse of women. I am on at about 1 minute 20. I can only thank you for what you have done. You had the power to raise the conversation about austerity, if only by demanding we don’t discuss it. You didn’t expect women to say no to you because people don’t say no to you and you didn’t know that these days we are reject gender norms and are fully able to say piss off when we are being abused and exploited by males like you.