Jo Swinson, Stella Creasy and Co

So there has been a breed of MP who like to consider themselves feminist but are still ambitious. Jo Swinson when told that coalition welfare policies would undo equality for women, protection from abuse, protection from violence? Men should pay for their kids. Direct quote.

Stella Creasy went further. She wanted to be front and centre selling Labour’s version of austerity, wanted  to make sure equality could be rolled back but identified as left so also had to prevent women discussing it. The reflex that did it with austerity was linked to financialisation, debt and welfare are linked around abuse and violence and these systems. SHe needed to triangulate on this so used payday loans to campaign on. Frequently lashed out with narcissistic rage online, encouraged celebrities like Robert Webb to abuse welfare claimants and single moythers. Because she viewed the poorest people in the country as competition who should be abused on that basis.

They think because a delusion was maintained in a chatroom that was all there was to it. Nope. All done publicly. Openly. As dissonance falls. Rule of law always existed, safeguarding, equality legislation, that was the bottom line and they just didn’t know. They banked on it being disposable and it wasn’t. Now they are dangerous because the one thing they cant do is say that they didn’t know. The question becomes why didn’t they care and their identity as a feminist goes up in smoke and then they are left with their behaviour. Which was gaslighting and abusing people in achatroom so they could sell policies which harmed them. So the circles around them get smaller and wherever thety decide to extend their legacy political identity is made unsafe. Discussion of reality injures identity so…They can’t connect the dots between what it took to maintain a delusion in a chatroom and an inability to sell old narratives cos they never had to. Stability does that. Creates that. Cultural sclerosis builds over a long time, sealed off cultures forget they are linked to outside, then the media landscape changes and before they realise what they are demonstrating, its done. And here we are. And these women think nothing changed.

The Weimarisation of our politics. Here’s hoping the outcome is different here and the ability to bypass these people does matter… In 2010 it was a matter of well meaning but ambitious politicians who didnt know the rule of law did that, for natural reasons, to the behaviour of those politicians when they found out. That is why crisis are in protection of identity. Most of what rolled equality bacl in 2010 was about democracy and the natural way institutions evolve, what has happened since is a declaration o who would do what if tht rule of law was threatened. They didnt anticipate a situatio where that rule of law would still exist or those covered by it still able to access democracy/ Tough.


To see yourself in competition with benefit claimants and single parents…

Labour’s use of social movements to extend defunct political and business models is disgusting but it is telling us a great deal that we needed to know. In a country where the rule of law was undermined, ie single mothers were told the law no longer applied to them except when it was enforced against them, with their children’s safety at stake. Hunger was used as a whip relentlessly for a decade/ Women went to court without representation and some lost their children. They have no political voice. Yet women like Ruth Serwotka and the culture around Labour media viewed this as competition. They viewed half starving people, having their legal rights stripped away, as competition. To use that imaginary competition to stand sentry at trade unions, protest and even democracy and then to demand those people prioritise your identity and don’t discuss what is happening. That happened in the UK and currently our media feminists are the last barrier to that discussion. Years after legislation was passed, after political crisis wwere generated, while the Tories wanted solutions, they could still only see their own identity and lashed out to harm/ Its actually quite disturbing that that seems normal on twitter and in that world. The longer you are away from it the more disturbing it gets. THey genuinely feel harmed when someone says can you stop harming. Psychopaths. Far right, far left, centre left. You can assume psychopath with each of these labels.

Undermining the online self id movement

On the left side you have women representative of a Labour faction who introduced anti-semitism and actual abuse of women to political participation to prevent discussion of equality being rolled back, on the right you have the far right and christian fundamentalists. What is happening there is a demonstration of tribalism forming online in the dregs of our political media, the political spectrum reforming, the way that centre left dissonance requires and creates the threat of the far right and some fucking deranged narcissists. Twitter will always produce that, reliably. I would NEVER have stood with women who represent that. That’s why each had to pretend they didnt’. Each faction alone is dangerous, these women are demonstrating the symbiosis needed and how they established their right to harm in a media landscape that is gone. Describing that is standing up for women, and using that demonstration even as it tried to sacrifice everything women achieved.

What happened on twitter after the Gender Recognition Act Review was a demonstration. Karen, Posie, Joanie showing why trans activism emerged and why dissonance in a political identity results in harm to women. Reliably. Showing the way they wish to be allowed to treat vulnerable women and how they viewed the systems, laws and women at stake. Karen showing how her elite culture have placed themselves in competition with that knowledge and reliably done this even when it was over and there wasnt a point. Each showing how much harm they are willing to on behalf of the left or right, even at this stage, if their own dysfunctional identity was punctured by reality. That’s nothing to do with anything women stood up for, its a demonstration they cant deviate from. I identify as. The death cry of neo liberalism on twitter. Once you notice narcissistic dynamics they are done. A parasitic dynamic is a doddle to deal with.

Where will they go?

That was Labour’s rationale in the late seventies last time this brewed. Denis Healey, who I have huge respect and admiration for, said exactly that. Labour have always thought this cultural sclerosis was sustainable because we couldn’t go elsewhere. When they undermined the rule of law for vulnerable people people had to find out where else they could go and how they could access democracy. Which is why we have been abused by Labour non stop for the entire decade. THey never got past that question. Where will they go? They thought the binary was permanent. Nope. You get to a point where you are causing so much harm you are just discounted from a conversation about anything never mind solutions, even if you hold hostage every other avenue to use.

Simple answer is I had to go to my MP, I could acess the media, I could access elite academia, and I could go anwyehre because its 2019. ANd the culture lashing out on twitter who made me sleep in a train station to punish me for making them feel stupid for a decade have nowhere to go. CHange, adapt, or die out. Their identity is defunct. Women stood up with TERF and made sure they know the dissonance they rely on is no longer possible.

Labour Women’s Network

I get stuff from here I don’t know why, am not a member. Today its concerns about the far right targeting MPs. Thomas Mair was far right, it was Momentum who within weeks were targeting MPs with cries of traitor of the week, and demanding their abuse. It was Corbyn beaming when his supporters hissed at a female journalist, it was Corbyn’s friend targeting the jewish woman at a launch about anti-semitism, he promised to text him.

The far left and the far right are mirrors but Labour cannot reflect on identity and so in response to the risk posed by the Labour Party, by their culture, by their leadership they project out to the far right. Posie Parker is a dangerous narcissist who seeks information she can use to harm women, in a digital environment, but the left creates this space, then assigns it and then we have to deal with not only the far left but the far right. The food source is the centre left and they need to be stripped of identity because they are dangerous.

Marginalisation reproducing in social movements

We already knew that, that’s not new, about stability and is a good sign in generally if it happens quick and there is a dispersal beyond it. Provides a handy demonstration that is why we have the rule of law around marginalisation structured the way we do and exposes dysfunction. That we have an elite culture, who can only be accessed through the dossers wing at elite universities, placing themselves in competition with people covered by that rule of law, extracting value from that rule of law being undermined, and trying to facilitate that even though it generates instability? Actually placing themselves in competition with people protected by equality and safeguarding, in successive social movements about those systems, and not a scooby of insight into what they are demonstrating. Not a scooby.


Elite social closure of direct democracy and expectation that a social dimension being added to political communication allows same behavious to form the same hierarchies, revealed in Leveson and everything else since…and a demonstration of how class works for those of us sure the move of law moved past that class identity in 1945. In fact we definitely did. Which is why the tension is now exposed so viscerally on twitter. They dont know this and keep having to cover their tracks when thet realise. Demonstrating how hierarchies were maintained within taht identity. That class identity. They thought austerity could be delivered on basis of political weight of those covered by that rule of law, easy peasy. Hadn’t remotely prepared for this possibility. Not remotely prepared for the rule of law still existing, outweighing them and those people still existing in a functioning democracy. Totally hoped democracy lay in their identity and successful projection of it. Hence twitter.

This is the tensions exposed at this point in time.

Making social movements part of your digital strategy to prevent opposition to austerity, making a chatroom dangerous for everyone, releasing actual anti-semitism into our political system and putting a culture of posh boys with a delusional identity on verge of Downing Street? Mixing with the people on receiving ed the whole time and treating interruption of your identity projection as harm? THat’s not really going to hold up long term. Someone needs to tell these people that is time limited as a strategy here. Surely they knew? Oh wait no. Blind reproduction of identity. Not a fucking scooby.

Permanent function facing off political rage

We developed a permanent function to reflect on the harm state intervention does, on the inability of the state to recreate kinship connections and protections, and to develop the ability to face of political rage and say ‘this is the rule of law whether you like it or not’. That’s the ability that is reaching upwards.

The shifts that shape that function are not confined to here, they occurred elsewhere, thsi happened elsewhere and is shaped by the same shifts  elsewhere.

The US is having what it will tolerate regarding children tested and sending a very visible sign of the weaknesses in our belief system and rule of law in this area. The descriptions of those children are terrible. Just fucking terrible.

Not knowing something isn the end of the world

All systems around abuse have to have people who know that, because when the power difference between you and someone else is that great, you lashing out to protect yourself from saying I dont know harms. Basic anti-oppressive practice, long embedded in UK law and systems above politics. In systems around abuse which developed. Which the left right symbiosis keeps handily demonstrating, prevents discussion of. A stable seal. Until the rule of law and those systems evolve, the media landscape changes, and our entire mediating class trap themselves on twitetr screeching they dont know these systems exist. The problem is not that, its that they eliminate those who do know from their environment and ultimately become dangerous for people within those systems and seek to harm them to protect identity. Twitter is actually a very microcosm of why we do that, why our policy making and politics cultures dont, and what it looks like when tehy are faced with having to.

That be the reflex that meant we needed the welfare state. Right thete. Playing out on repeat, blissfully unaware of how useful the demonstration now is you can treat it as a constant.

All that shit…

All that toxicity on twitter, all that dysfunction Labour let rip, all the politics of blame, so our policy making, politics, and media cultures can tell us they didn’t actually know how shit worked. Labour’s triangulation wasn’t even intentional, it was reflex projection and protection of identity and lashing out, the rage was at what they didn’t know, because they didn’t know they were lying. The genius of the Labour left identity is they didn’t know that is what they were doing. A digital triangulation strategy on austerity and they didn’t know.

Even now they are lashing out to protect themselves from finding out we already knew they didn’t know, they were screeching it, lashing out and telling us. That reflex is required to purify their environment of the presence of what they don’t know, to preserve the existing political identity and structures it upholds, and however harmful the reflex it is beyond useful to have that demonstration. The problem now is what they have unleashed. But it condensed in a chatroom and even a movement specificlaly about that reproduced it. So that’s kind of done. They can’t see the crisis they are blind to so dont know how ridiculous it is by now. The news, a screensaver, the reality of the system stability led to.

We are at a pause. Large scale events make you look away but they are the point in time to keep an eye on the ground changing, making sure you are not fighting to retain illusions of the past at the expense of the future. The cultures lashing out to protect identity from what they didm’t know are at teh core of things and we need systems which can learn from crisis, which means being faced with what we don’t know. Crisis will do that I suppose.